Subscriber Faxing

What is subscriber faxing? Subscriber faxing is a service that allows you to send faxes from your web browser program through the FaxMail faxserver to any fax number within New Zealand.

This service is ideal for delivering email enquiries from a website to customer groups which may not have full access to the internet. Or for businesses which only have fax systems in their customer service areas.

A branded fax query is automatically printed off their fax system within a few minutes of the online customer clicking the send button. This is an ideal way to deliver sales leads.

What about Broadcast Fax ? Broadcast Fax is typically a oneoff send to a target group of fax numbers. Since this requires the use of mail lists and is typically best used on high volumes we recommend you contact Xpedite who can assist.
What is included ? Subscriber Fax includes a custom header which is automatically used to deliver all messages sent to the nominated subscriber fax queue. The fax header is stored on the fax server in a special format which is usually converted from a standard document file. As the faxes are sent to a preselected group we also prepare a lookup table of customer ID's and fax numbers that also need to be setup on the fax server.
How do I know my fax has been delivered ? If the fax line at the "send" destination is busy the fax server automatically retries the call 5 times at preset intervals and if the message still cannot be sent an error report is sent back to the originating system. Additionally there is a blackout time between 11pm and 7am each night when faxes are stored on the system as many smaller businesses have requested this facility.
Pricing Setup Fees

Conversion of the header document into the fax header plus any server scripting is priced from NZ $250 depending on number of hours required. Setup of the Subscriber fax numbers is NZ$5 per fax number for customer groups up to 50. Prices exclude GST.


All calls are logged and charged on a per-call basis with differing rates into different areas of New Zealand. Depending upon volume a flat rate charge may also be adopted. For any custom reporting there may also be a monthly report fee.

For information on the latest pricing, or to order please .
What about faxing to other countries? We recommend the Faxaway service for all faxes outside New Zealand. They also offer a free trial.

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