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What is 'email to fax?' FaxMail's Email to Fax service provides the ability for internet email to be delivered to any fax machine, anywhere in New Zealand.

No longer does the recipient require an internet account, modem or even a computer. Email by Fax effectively gives any fax machine it's very own email address.

For locations outside New Zealand we recommend this service.

For the reverse service i.e. fax to email you might try ifax.

What are the benefits? It brings internet connectivity within the reach of those people or businesses who don't have a regular internet account or computer.

It allows busy people to avoid the hassles and inconvenience of having to log in regularly to check for new email.

It can improve your ability to react to email messages quickly and efficiently. While it only takes minutes for an email message to be delivered between any two points in the world, they often spend hours sitting in the recipient's mailbox before being retrieved. Email by Fax will deliver your email as soon as it arrives!

What does it cost? Standard charges for the faxmail service are:-

  NZ$180 initial setup charge
  NZ$50 per month account fee
  25c per fax page within New Zealand
  8c per fax page within Auckland

Prices exclude GST.
Faxes to international destinations are blocked.

For a specific price to suit your requirements, send email to for a quote.

How does it work? Any email received to your faxmail email address is automatically converted to a fax and sent to the number you have nominated. We can provide services for plain text email and PDF attachments. The number can be provided in the email or looked up in a database. Faxes can be sent to multiple destinations from a single email. The process can use default settings or be controlled by tags embedded in the email. Faxes can include custom headers, logos and overlays but are currently restricted to black and white only.

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