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We believe that... The cost of internet marketing should not be prohibitive.

Companies should be able to test the market to see whether they have ANY customers on the net, without spending a fortune.

A web site is an important brand marketing tool and email is a vital communications tool for all businesses. Fax delivery of emails however; delivers one of the promises of the internet which is immediacy and convenience.

With FaxMail's unique range of services, your business is able to develop an internet strategy that harnesses the power of the net - cost effectively.

FaxMail eliminates the need for an internet connection or training of staff. There are no security issues concerning internet viruses and no need for costly firewalls to protect existing computer networks. There is no productivity loss - employees do not have to check email for orders - these will appear on your fax machine within minutes of being sent.

What do we do ? Beside our email to fax gateway and Subscriber Fax service we can also advise, develop, host and manage your website.

Who owns FaxMail ? FaxMail is a subsidiary company of the Eagle Technology Group.

Where is FaxMail Located? Our office is located in Auckland, New Zealand and our physical address is:

Epsom Stand, Alexandra Park, Epsom
Postal: Private Bag 93211, Parnell, Auckland N.Z
Ph +649 639 0691 , FAX +649 639 0620

Which email addresses may I use to contact FaxMail? You may use for general enquiries or regarding our Subscriber Fax service.

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